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In 2035, when 5G’s full economic benefit should be realised across the globe, a broad range of industries – from transportation to entertainment and education, and everything in between – could produce up to 10.7 trillion euros worth of goods and services enabled by 5G mobile technology. Meanwhile, Europe’s 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is developing new applications across a diverse set of verticals spanning proofs of concept, prototypes, demonstrations, trials, and pilots in order to validate the functionalities defined for 5G by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive Machine Type Communications, and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications – so consumers and sector end users can really know what 5G is all about.

How to use the 5G PPP verticals cartography:

The experiments are taking place in Europe between 2018 and 2020. You can view the experiments by sector, country, and ITU functionality by clicking on the boxes on the right. New country locations and tests will be added in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy our 5G PPP showcase.

Download our latest fliers: 5G for Automotive: Experiments in Europe


Public Safety and Digital Divide Resorption

SaT5G: 5G cellular backhauling in rural areas

This SaT5G demonstration is about providing broadband connectivity where it is difficult or not (yet) possible to deploy terrestrial connections to towers, for example, coverage on lakes, islands, mountains, rural areas, isolated areas or other areas that are best or only covered by satellites; across a wide geographic region. The demonstration therefore addresses the need for rapid disaster response through digital divide resorption.

In terms of 5G functionalities, SaT5G investigates: 

Media & Entertainment

SaT5G: 5G in homes and offices in rural areas

This SaT5G demonstration is about connectivity complementing terrestrial networks, such as broadband connectivity to home/office small cell in underserved areas in combination with poor terrestrial wireless or wireline access technology. The demonstration addresses the need for remote area covrerage through digital divide resorption. 

In terms of 5G functionalities, SaT5G investigates: 

Media & Entertainment

SaT5G: Edge delivery & offload via satellite multicast

This SaT5G demonstration centres on providing efficient multicast/broadcast delivery to network edges for content such as live broadcasts, ad-hoc broadcast/multicast streams, group communications, MEC VNF update distribution. The demonstration addresses digital divide resorption for public event management. 

In terms of 5G functionalities, SaT5G investigates: 

Agriculture and Farming

SaT5G: 5G New Radio over satellite link

This SAT5G demonstration investigates the use of 5G New Radio (NR) over satellite links: harmonisation of user and control planes. 

In terms of 5G functionalities, SaT5G focuses on:

  • PHY layer (downlink and uplink detection with Doppler), RACH design, timing advance, HARQ.

Location: Oulu (Finland)

Date: Q4-2019

Partners involved: TAS, TNO, QUO

Transport & Logistics

SaT5G: 5G on board commercial air planes

This SAT5G demonstration focuses on broadband connectivity to platforms on the move, more specifically commercial airplanes, thus falling under both transport and logistics, and media and entertainment.

In terms of 5G ITU functionalities, the demonstration investigates: 


ONE5G: Automotive Proof-of-Concept

The ONE5G Automotive Proof of Concept focuses on: 

  • Tele-operated driving
  • Assisted/cooperative/autonomous driving

In terms of 5G functionalities, ONE5G investigates:

  • Ultra reliable low latency communications for V2X services.

Location: Munich (Germany)

Dates: Q2-2019

Partners involved: Huawei

Agriculture and Farming

ONE5G: Undeserved areas Proof-of-Concept

The ONE5G focus on agriculture and basic connectivity investigates: 

  • Long range connectivity in remote areas.
  • Automated/smart farming/ livestock tracking.

In terms of ITU 5G functionalities, ONE5G investigates:

  • Low cost network for underserved areas, long range connectivity. 

Locations:  Athens (Greece),  Rennes (France)

Dates: Q2-2019

Partners involved: WINGS, b-com

Media & Entertainment

ONE5G: Enhanced massive MIMO Proof-of-Concept

This ONE5G proof of concept focuses on media, entertainment and eOffice: 

  • Outdoor hotspot with Immersive/Virtual Reality, collaborative gaming, Ultra-High Fidelity Media capabilities.
  • Live Event Experience – massive number of users with video sharing.

In terms of 5G functionalities, ONE5G investigates:


NRG-5: Enabling resilience and high availability via Dispatchable Demand Response (DDR)

NRG-5, Enabling Smart Energy as a Service, conducts research on verifying the stability, resilience and ultra fast response (below 5ms) of the energy grid in the presence of high share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Distributed Energy Storage (DES).

Public Safety and Digital Divide Resorption

METRO-HAUL: Real Time object tracking

Metro-Haul is planning two major vertical demonstrations plus other smaller, transportable demonstrations at the end of the project, to show how a dynamic and flexible metro network equipped with an SDN controller, and storage and computing resources can better support them.

This demonstration focuses on: