Global vision, standardisation & stakeholder engagement in 5G addresses the ICT-07 call as the EU led project dedicated to international technology advances in 5G, with a focus on  standardisation, regulations, & market verticals & identifying existing gaps in technology. analyses the sustainability strategies identifying new business models and considering also private & public investments through pragmatic engagement drivers, as well as reporting on research findings taken to standardisation, testing validation to market uptake with a close eye on the vertical markets and mapping them into the right stakeholder groups.

What are the principal assets of

  • Standardisation : a 5G Standardisation Tracker to measure progress on broad global and Industry consensus
  • Market Watch: International hub on vertical industries, market forecasts, and business models supported by world-leading ICT analysts
  • Vertical Industries and Rollout to Market:  supporting 5G driven applications, business case, requirements and standards
  • Trial and Test-bed Monitor : tracking pre-commercial/pre-standards trials as beneficial to the Industry 

Who is behind

The consortium includes four domain-skilled & complementary partners:

  • Trust-IT Services (UK) : Expert SME in communicating ICT innovation, engaging in ICT standards activities, developing ICT tools & go-to-market strategies
  • Aalto university (FI) : A Finnish multidisciplinary university takes an active role in shaping the 5G research agenda;
  • IDC (IT) : Premier global provider of market intelligence, consumer technology market research, with over 1,100 analysts across the world;
  • inno TSD (FR) : Experts in innovation management & technology transfer, international cooperation & EU & US focus on 5G key to involving multiple stakeholder groups.
  • An influential External Advisory Group (EAG) , passionate and competent around 5G technology and directly involved in SDOs, Telecommunications industry and international organisations supports the consortium.

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