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5G-PHOS demonstrates a 100 Gb/s WDM-enabled 5G network targeting Hot-Spot areas that contain thousands of users in very confined areas, such as football stadiums, airports, concert halls etc. 5G-PHOS’ hotspot infrastructure will offer multi-Gbps mm-wave access through massive MIMO antennas surrounding the hotspot area.

A prototype system will be validated at Ericsson’s Fronthaul Testbed prior to evaluating the complete network scenario in the joint AUTH/COSMOTE test-bed, concluding with a field-trial demonstrator at the PAOK F.C. stadium.

In terms of ITU 5G functionalities, 5G-PHOS investigates:

  • Gbps-grade mm-wave 5G Fiber-Wireless C-RAN for massively dense hotspot areas.

Locations: Pisa (Italy) - Prototype & Demo; Thessaloniki (Greece) - Trial

Dates: Q4-2019 (Prototype); Q2-2020 (Demo); Q3-2020 (Trial)

Vertical partners: TEI, PAOK FC

Partners involved: INCE, IQU, COSMOTE

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Type of Experiment:

ITU Functionality:


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