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2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop, 9-10 July, Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel, Rome - Initiative of 3GPP Market Representation Partners (MRPs)
5G networks are intended to bring a new disrupting ecosystem with vertical industries (automotive, health, Industrial IoT, maritime, media, public safety, transport, utilities and others), bringing new market opportunities. By doing so, verticals are extending the 5G community beyond telecom operators, manufacturers, SMEs and research institutes. Herein lies a key opportunity to embrace a new community in 3GPP, working alongside sector specialists to optimally capture end-user requirements and support contributions to the 3GPP standardisation process.
To help drive these efforts, a sub-set of 3GPP Market Representation Partners, notably 5GAA, 5G-ACIA, PSCE and 5G-IA, have joined forces with high-level 3GPP specialists. This Task Force is committed to helping Industry and Standards come together in a constructive and cooperative way to achieve a better understanding of each other's requirements and address any concerns, to the benefit of all.
2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop, 9-10 July 2019, Rome. To boost technical inputs and networking, the workshop was co-located with the 3GPP SA6 Meeting, with dedicated slots on day 2. 
Key features of the workshop included: a practical guide to 3GPP,  requirements tracking across verticals, mapping of common requirements and complementarities. Lively interactive discussions looked at navigating the processes and stages with delegate journeys and pointers on creating interest groups to help drive consensus. 
With a new 3GPP mentoring support for newcomers now implemented, members of the Task Force are working on a new collaboration platform. Activities seek to help sector specialists join forces with the vast experience of traditional 3GPP members while recognising the leadership role of industry associations in driving member inputs and helping to prioritise requirements in a global context.


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